Product Review: Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Now I’m very much on the fence with eye creams – do we need to use a separate eye cream? Is this just marketing to push more products and make the customer spend more money? If I didn’t have such dark circles (hereditary, unfortunately) I would probably just use my standard facial moisturiser but since I do well, colour me sucked-in.

I’ve been fairly happy with previous eye creams (Origins Ginzing, Lush Enchanted) – they’ve moisturised, kept the area hydrated and sometimes added an iridescent glow to that dull part of my face. However, I can’t say that any have exactly worked miracles. The Ordinary Caffeine & ECGC Solution instantly decreases my eyebags but I’m not sure if it has really done anything to help with the partied til 8am look I permanently wear. Again the beloved LookFantastic site had a 20% off Antipodes promotion and my previous eye cream was on it’s last few uses, therefore the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream made it’s way into my basket.

Other than Antipodes being a natural ethical brand (and the 20% discount), one of the reasons I wanted to try this cream was because it contains Vitamin C and boasted that it could increase collagen in the eye area. I had previously watched a very interesting youtube video on the wonderful Sali Hughes‘ Youtube channel (check her out – she’s amazing) between herself and New York Dermatologist Dennis Gross. One of the topics that had come up was regarding under eye circles and how to improve them – is there anything we can do? Gross mentioned that before buying products it is essential to find out what type of dark circles you have. Are they caused by allergies? Lack of sleep? Do your parents have them? Are you pale skinned and does your orbital bone show through your skin thus giving you that hollow eyed dark circle look? Well I am definitely the latter! To test this, he states that if you gently pull the skin away from your upper cheek/under eye does the dark circle disappear? This was the case for me and that a good way to help this would be to use creams that increase collagen production. Well, hello, Antipodes!

As this cream includes Kiwi Seed Oil, Grape, Carrot Seed Oil, Aloe Gel and Avocado oil, this potion is scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production in human skin cells up to 82% – into my basket it went!

This cream used over The Ordinarys’ Caffeine Solution have really helped me to look less tired than I have done in years – my eye area looks brighter, and the puffiness have decreased. At the RRP of £29.99 but with a very generous 30ml of product (and often on 10% or 20% off promotion), I find this product to be very affordable and will re-purchase.

Have you tried this cream? Or have been blown away by another eye cream? This gal needs all the eye-help she can get.




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