Product Review: Pixi Glow Tonic

This exfoliating toner has earned itself cult status already and after using this for 1 week, I can throw my hands up and say yes, yes it is amazing!

It took me a while to buy, I’ve never tried an acid before and I was pretty scared of this potion leaving my skin red raw or agitated. After scouring online for a travel size version (M&S sell it in the UK but I live in Spain so no puedo) and it being sold out everywhere, I decided to just bit the bullet and buy the full size version (FeelUnique were having one of their many 20% off days – yasss) because my winter skin needs that dewy-ness.

This glow inducing toner contains 5% Glycolic Acid (a member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family) and claims to gently dissolve the dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin making this tonic perfect for reducing signs of ageing, sun damage and scarring. As this is an acid, you have to take extra care in the sun and definitely wear an SPF in the daytime. Because of this (and the fact that I was a bit hesitant of the Glycolic), I’ve decide to only wear this at night before bed and skip the daytime use.

After a week of using this every night after cleansing and before my beloved Rosehip oil, I can confirm that the reviews are indeed correct! My pores have shrunk, it has a glow and I’m eager to see if this will help with the fine lines that are starting to creep on to my face.

Have you tried the Pixi Glow Tonic?


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