Product Review: Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

Ah Lush, I have a lot of love for this British based Cruelty Free brand. From visiting the Ladbroke Grove store as a teenager and playing with all the bath bombs and fresh face masks to nowadays dropping in on the Rambla Catalunya store to pick up my beloved Eau Roma Toner Water (Yasss Lush is in Spain now). Since arriving in London, Lush has always been at some point a part of my skincare/bath/haircare routine.

Now me and cleansers have a funny relationship, I tend to not like many of them – often they leave me with dry dehydrated skin or making any spots I have much angrier. For many years, I was literally a face wipe and moisturiser kinda girl (I know I know) and keeping it super simple which although I didn’t see any damage at the time, I think in the long run it did play some havoc on my skin with regards to dehydration and pores.

After investigating gentle face cleansers a couple of winters ago, I spoke to a Lush Assistant who recommended that I try Ultrabland. This thick unctuous blend of Almond Oil, Rose Water, Beeswax & Honey comes housed in a small black tub of 45g to a giant 450g tub and is well loved by all ages with great reason. If you live in a cold climate and it’s winter and you suffer from dry patches: you need to go and try some of this ASAP. Last winter was probably the first time in 2 decades where I didn’t have any red angry marks on my face so this will always be product I’ll purchase once the temperature starts dropping. Honestly, I have to say some people may find this difficult to work with in the sense that it can leave what feels like a film on your face (I’d call it a protective barrier) even after washing. For me personally, the best way to use it is to massage the cleanser into your skin and then with a warm damp washcloth, wipe the cleanser away from your face. Late nights have also seen me wipe this away with a cotton pad and toner water when needed too.

Despite the rich moisturising ingredients, I wouldn’t be dissuaded from trying this if you have acne prone or oily skin – many people have seen great results from using a much more gentle cleanser rather than the harsh astringent type that is normally targeted at those with greasier skin. It’s a fact that oil pulls away oil so I would definitely pop in and chat to the staff who are usually happy to give you a little sample.

@Vegans – I would recommend the 9-5 Cleansing lotion as an alternative which doesn’t contain any Honey or Beeswax


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