Product Review: Antipodes Immortal Natural Sun Protection Face & Body Moisturiser SPF15


So first things first, I am a ghostly super pale English woman living in a sunny climate with hot summers. I love being outdoors and Barcelona has a very agreeable climate which means drinking my Cafe con leche avena (coffee with oat milk) on a sunny terrace happens pretty much on the daily. Now I am in my 30s, making sure my skin is protected from the strong sun is absolutely paramount to me – who wants skin like an old crumpled leather jacket or ultimately worse, skin cancer.

For some reason, finding a natural SPF was pretty difficult. I’m an avid reader of user generated product reviews and seeing the great reviews of this moisturiser on LookFantastic, I promptly added this to my basket. At £28.99, it’s not at the highest price point and certainly not at the lowest but it’s usually for some reason with a 15% discount. Also, New Zealand based Antipodes is a brand I am drawn to since the products are natural plus I’ve heard many great things about their other products: Estee Lalonde has been mentioning the Avocado & Pear Night Cream for years now and she’s got great skin.

The cream contains plant-based Hyaluronic Acid, Ancient Reishi Mushroom, Grape and Kiwi Extracts which combined offer to keep skin firm, increase cell turnover and decrease redness & sun damage. It’s suitable for Normal/Sensitive Skin and contains no added fragrances.

Now over to my 2-cents: I find the cream light and pleasant to use, for me it doesn’t immediately just disappear into my skin, I do need to massage it into my face for it to sink in. The scent is almost non existent so shouldn’t offend anyone. Personally, this cream isn’t moisturising enough to use on it’s own in the Winter (wearing a serum underneath is def needed for me). The light moisture could be suitable for the summer but as I live in Spain, the SPF15 isn’t a high enough number for me to use. I feel this cream is suitable for people with slightly oilier skin than mine or perhaps more suitable for spring/summertime in a Northern Europe.

I will definitely continue to use this and finish the tube before Spring comes around, I just need to find a great serum to go underneath to give me that extra shot of hydration.

Have you tried this cream from Antipodes? If you have any recommendations for natural moisturisers with higher SPF then please comment below.





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